Underwater concrete

Underwater concrete involves activities ranging from preparing circular cofferdams for concrete placement to making and placing prefabricated reinforcements in situ. Underwater concrete placement and simultaneous water level checks are part of the wide range of activities performed by OTN. OTN has a number of exclusive systems for the placement of underwater concrete.


We provide a wide range of services including concrete placement consultancy, preparation of planning documents and casting procedures in accordance with NEN / ISO 9001 standards, underwater excavation assistance and consultancy, preparation of circular cofferdams for concrete placement, cleaning of bonding surfaces such as walls and piles, addition of prefabricated reinforcements in situ, underwater anchor welding, placement of concrete control joints, positioning of braces/compartments, monitoring of underwater concrete placement, extraction of sludge and laitance, finishing of underwater concrete, water level control and the complete construction of circular cofferdams with underwater concrete.