Environmental activities

As attention for environmental issues continues to grow, OTN has developed into a specialist in environmental activities. These include activities in sewage systems and water purification plants, as well as in polluted rivers, canal and construction pits. Our expertise and experience enable us not only to provide consultancy services to our clients, but also to execute activities.


The equipment we have for performing underwater environmental activities is extremely comprehensive: habitats and cofferdams, video systems, special diving equipment, overpressure suits, environmental showers, sludge pumps, air lifts, spraying systems, high-pressure pumps, and a variety of measuring equipment.

The possibilities for performing environmental activities underwater are virtually unlimited: audiovisual inspections and reports, preparation of purification recommendations, performance of underwater activities in dry conditions using habitats, on-call diving activities, maintenance, repair and purification activities for sewage systems, water purification systems, cooling water systems, harbour systems, shipbuilding yards, pipelines, etc. We also perform concrete repairs and assemble and install soil protection systems.