Diving activities

If we feel at home anywhere, it’s underwater. Which is clear to see when we list our activities: audiovisual inspections and reports, working underwater in ‘dry’ conditions using habitats, contracting and implementing all the underwater activities for civil engineering projects, working on the immersion of tunnel elements, carrying out maintenance and repair activities on locks, dams, jetties, embankments, cooling-water systems, port systems, shipyards, pipelines, and so on. We also implement concrete repairs and assembly work, as well as fitting soil protection and repairing swimming pools.


OTN has all the equipment required for working underwater. The modern equipment used by our employees on a daily basis includes decompression chambers, video systems, burning and welding equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, diamond-tipped drilling and sawing equipment, sludge pumps, airlifts and spraying systems. We have everything at hand to bring all of our projects to a successful conclusion. 

Diving is and remains a team activity, something you do together. We are a team of people who love the profession in all its facets, and who are proud when we rise to the challenge together. Project after project, whether it’s working on a tunnel in South Korea or under Amsterdam Central Station. Who knows, it might even be your project! Anything is possible. Welcome to the underwater world of OTN.