Reggesingel underpass, Rijssen

The municipality of Rijssen has developed an integral plan for the town’s transport structure in the future, called the Long-Term Vision for Traffic and Transport. The core points of this plan involve increasing both traffic safety and mobility and reducing traffic in the town centre.

IMG_1956 [project_carr]


The goal is to turn Rijssen into a real shopping town: multi-faceted, with special attention for quality, choice and leisure. The project includes the construction of two traffic tunnels under the railway line, a cycle tunnel, three roundabouts and all the necessary adjustments to the roads. The aim of the project is to significantly improve the flow of traffic through Rijssen − amongst other things, by building two underpasses under the railway line.

The Reef Infra-Colijn building consortium was commissioned by railway network manager ProRail to implement the Reggesingel underpass project. OTN did all the underwater work for the Reef Infra-Colijn building consortium, such as welding, positioning the anchors, cleaning the walls and tunnel piles, extracting the sludge and pouring the underwater concrete.