Multi-storey car park Houtwal, Harderwijk

The demand for city centre parking solutions in the Netherlands is growing all the time. Relocating cars underground improves the quality of life above ground and preserves a city’s historic ambience. And the city of Harderwijk is no exception.

Bouwcombinatie Houtwal v.o.f.
IMG_7451 [project_carr]


The municipality of Harderwijk put this project out to tender as a Design & Construct contract. Building contractors Bouwcombinatie Houtwal designed a special circular underground multi-storey car park and were duly awarded the contract. The car park has a diameter of 60 metres and is 18.5 metres deep.

The circular concrete tanking construction consists of:

  • 24.5-metre long diaphragm walls positioned in a polygon of 60 metres, a panel width of around 8 metres, a panel thickness of 1.2 metres 
  • 409 34-metre long Gewi anchors with a pile tip 53 metres under ground level 
  • reinforced underwater concrete, 1 metre thick.

All the underwater work was performed by OTN.