Multi-storey car park Damsterdiep, Groningen

In the busy centre of Groningen, OTN did the diving work for the Combinatie Molhoek Strukton group, which was commissioned by main contractor Combinatie Strukton Damsterdiep to implement the complete earthworks.

Municipality of Groningen
Duikers Damsterdiep [project_carr]
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For OTN, the work included cleaning the concrete tanking walls and the piles, extracting the sludge and pouring the underwater concrete. Due to the size of the project, the concrete tanking was created in three phases.

The underwater concrete was also poured in phases.The location of the concrete tanking is very unusual, right in the middle of Groningen’s busy centre. Needless to say, this meant extra care had to be taken in the surroundings so that the work did not disrupt the commercial life of the city.

With a total length of 248 metres, this is one of the longest underground multi-storey car parks in the Netherlands. The new car park has space for around 600 cars and consists of two parking decks, with the entrance and exit on ground level.

The project, commissioned by the municipality of Groningen, was implemented by the Combinatie Strukton Damsterdiep group, consisting of Strukton Civiel and Reef Infra.